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When I was a kid, back in Sweden, I played soccer, ice hockey and bandy. Bandy is a winter sport that are played skating on ice, a field of a soccer field size. Players use a bent stick, similar to a land hockey stick. Players are padded, but lighter than a hockey player because rules don’t allow much physical contact. At school we played basket ball once in a while, and also handball. I liked basket ball better than handball, and bandy better than ice hockey.

When the basket ball team in my home town, Östersund, in the mid 70´s, entered the highest division of the Swedish league, they added an American college player to get some competative strength. Next year they had two new Americans. Chris Redding and Dave Willenborg. They Scored 50+ points each in a few games. I liked those Americans a lot, and I couldn´t for my life believe there were any better players around. That changed in a couple of years, when every Swedish team had their 2 allowed foreign players. Those Americans liked to play in Sweden and some young talents later went back to the NBA.

One of my greatest sport moments ever, was to watch the US Dreamteam in the Barcelona Olympic games 1992 on TV . It was incredible to see players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Chris Mullin, Clyde Drexler and John Stockton. I also think there was a college player named Christian Laettner to complete the 12 player team.

From that moment I’ve always been a NBA BASKETBALL fan.

In the year of 2000 married my lovely wife, Tess, and moved to her in Sacramento CA. We had the opportunity to share season tickets for The Sacramento Kings, with a couple of friends, Kim and Janis. Our seats where on section 218 on G row. Before the season started, we had a ticket draft, and we ended up with a third of the tickets. Good enough to keep us busy over the winter.

At the first game of 2000, we learned how noisy Arco Arena can be when all the fan get started. Visiting teams even called that fans noise came out of loud speaker system. Behind Tess, on next row, we had a guy in his best 40´s, very passionately screaming, very loud, “aw come on”, when the Kings made a bad play or the "refs" took the "wrong" call. This seemed to be even louder when NBA referee #7, Bernie Fryer was visiting the Arco Arena. Bernie had a tendency to call technical’s on Vlade Divac’s “flop“. That is when Vlade is on defense and he fakes getting fouled with a charge. Tess never allowed me to tell any one at the games that Bernie Fryer is her cousin from Port Angeles WA, because everyone "hated" the "refs". Personally I thought Bernie was a very fair “ref”.

After a couple of games we had given this guy behind us some hints about his screaming, and next game he brought ear plugs for Tess. He wasn´t going to be silent. Tess and I talked about him around our dining table. We didn´t have a name on him, so we called him “aw come on”.

Late on our last season in Sacramento, I decided to get a Kings jersey, and I didn’t have good name to have on the back. At this time The Kings was going down the hill, Webber and Vlade were gone. I had a brain storming session with Tess, and we figured out that “aw come on” was a good name. “aw come on” is an expression, people use under some frustration, at Kings games, maybe it was a call for help, another player. I didn’t like the spelling, didn’t sound right like a player, so we came up with AKKAMAAN. That tickled a little and sounded and looked like a real name.

At the next game, Tess wore that jersey, and when she sat down on her seat, the guy behind her tapped her shoulder and asked about that new kings player, she turned around and screamed “aw come on”, AKKAMAAN. The whole section cracked up laughing. In the car back home from the game I told Tess, that I wanted to give this jersey to AKKAMAAN, at the next last game for us. He never show up at that game, and the jersey has been on the shelf since then.

Over all We had a great time at the King's games, and I especially remember the first NBA game for Lebron James. He already played that game like an established superstar. Other favorite players I had the opportunity to see live was Shaquille O'Neil, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, and Dirk Novitski to mention a few.

Shortly later we moved from Sacramento to Port Angeles a little town on the north top of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

In March of 2008 I drove my big rig truck to Clackamas OR, with Bob Martin in his truck, delivering paper to a warehouse. Bob and I chatted thru the CB radio all day long and I told him the story about my Kings games and AKKAMAAN. He loved so much so I couldn´t stop him saying AKKAMAAN in every sentence since then. I realized that it was a pretty funny thing the whole story and I decided to get this domain Thanks to the AKKAMAAN -guy in Sacramento and Bob Martin, for waking me up. Just now AKKAMAAN means a lot to me.

If some one reads this and can get AKKAMAAN to contact me on , I promise to send him this jersey, for a audio sample of his “aw come on”.

Per Agesson